About Us

Our Mission and the Research Project

Rewine The World® is both a research consortium and a research project. The research project were initiated in 2021 by assistent professor Anders Crichton-Fock, PhD at Örebro University, Sweden. His inspiration working with multidisciplinary approaches targeting food waste, resource efficiency and circularity came after participating in the Re:winers project. In this project, Dr. Crichton-Fock in joint forces with Elin Aronsen Beis (Foodloopz) and Corentin de Tregomain (wine importer Brasri), combined multi-sensory analysis and critical attribute technique (analogical method) together with creative design. The aim was to save wine risking to be waste by changing context of consumption through improved sensory communication using time intensity and cross-modal attributes.

Since then, the consortium has grown and today include a number of significant researchers within various fields together with the experts in the advisory board and stakeholders that contribute to the project, all sharing the same vision:

By joint forces and expertise apply multi-disciplinary research and develop novel methods to rescue wine and other complex food products


’Our aim is to increase circularity and resource efficiency of complex food products (such as wine) and thereby decrease waste & reduce the climate footprint.’


’By developing novel multidisciplinary methods, approaches and techniques that combines different scientific knowledges and paradigms.’

Example 1: For instance, combining sensory and chemical science and analysis with analogical inductive methods and experimental psychology to identify, understand and communicate critical consumer attributes affecting food acceptance.

Example 2: Or, using cross-modal experiments and multi-sensory approaches together with chemical analysis to reuse, remake, recommunicate and rewine new food products.